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Welcome to the Smart Slides Plugin: Your Guide to Effortless Presentations


Welcome to Smart Slides, your new ally in crafting presentations that not only inform but also enchant! This innovative tool harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver stunning presentations swiftly, with a flair of professionalism and visual allure that captivates your audience from the first slide.

Recently announced! Smart Slides GPT

We have just launched a GPT version of Smart Slides based on popular request. This allows you to do more than the plugin. You can visit the Smart Slides GPT here
Smart Slides GPT

The GPT has a number of advantages over the Plugin version of Smart Slides. You can
Upload documents and images
Browse the internet for your slides
Do more advanced data analysis on slides
Easily share the link to Smart Slides or bookmark it

Features of Smart Slides Plugin

AI-Powered Efficiency

At the heart of Smart Slides lies a sophisticated AI engine designed to facilitate the seamless generation of presentations. It meticulously arranges information, selects relevant images, and ensures your slides resonate with aesthetic coherence and intellectual clarity.

Customizable Layouts

With Smart Slides, monotony is a relic of the past. Choose from an extensive array of slide layouts, each crafted to showcase diverse content types in the most engaging manner. Whether it’s text-heavy slides or image-centric ones, there’s a layout that fits perfectly.

Image Integration

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with Smart Slides, integrating images into your presentation is a breeze. Enhance the visual appeal and communicative effectiveness of your slides with relevant, high-quality images that speak volumes.

Color Customization

Color is not just a visual element; it’s a mood-setter, a theme builder. Smart Slides allows you to handpick colors that align with your presentation’s theme and mood, ensuring a visually harmonious and emotionally engaging viewer experience.

How to Use

Request a Presentation

Initiating your presentation creation is as simple as making a request. Provide the AI with details like the number of slides, topics, preferred colors, and layouts, and watch as it brings your vision to life with precision and flair.

Customize to Perfection

Smart Slides offers you the reins of creativity. Request additional image slide layouts, insert more slides, shuffle the layout, or paint your presentation with specific colors (like the vibrant #F47C00 or the subtle orange) to make it uniquely yours.

Opt for Help Slides

For users who prefer a streamlined presentation without helper slides, Smart Slides respects your preference. Simply instruct the AI to exclude help slides, and consider it done!

Example Prompts

Swiss Alps Visual Tour: Create 5 slides with the captivating red (#FF5A5F), incorporating images of serene lakes nestled amidst towering mountains.
Norwegian Wonders: Craft a 5-slide presentation showcasing Norway and the mesmerizing Lofoten Islands, complete with varied layouts and images of the ethereal Northern Lights.
Sydney Highlights: Develop a 5-slide overview of Sydney, spotlighting the iconic Bondi Beach and the architectural marvel, the Opera House.
Future of Work: Envision a presentation discussing the evolving landscape of work, utilizing basic layouts devoid of images.
Home Rental Pitch: Design an engaging pitch deck in #FF5A5F, introducing a groundbreaking business model for house rentals.

Layout Options

Diverse and Dynamic

Smart Slides boasts a repertoire of layout options to suit every presentation need. We are continuing to add more layouts but you can call them specifically based on the following layouts that are available.:

Intro Layouts:

1st_Slide_FULL_LAYOUT: Ideal for a strong introduction
AGENDA: Perfect for outlining your presentation’s flow
If you are organised paste in your agenda and ask the model to add on to your presentation.
Create a 20 minute presentation with a range of layouts and an agenda slide that defines the amount of time that should be spent on each topic

Basic Layouts:

BASIC_CONTENT: No images, just text
BASIC_CONTENT_V1: No images, just text

Main Layout Slides:

Most slide shows require you to have something engaging. We use images and different layouts to achieve a variety of diverse layouts. There are layouts with text on the left and right and also layouts with larger images behind the text and to the side. You can experiment with the layouts to get the desired outcomes.
HEADING_LEFT_CONTENT_RIGHT: A balanced layout for text matching your color scheme
FULLPAGE_IMAGE_QUOTE: For when images speak louder than words
HALF_IMAGE_RIGHT & HALF_IMAGE_LEFT: For a harmonious blend of text and imagery
23RD_IMAGE_RIGHT & 23RD_IMG_LEFT: For presentations that require a unique visual arrangement

If you want to use more images on your slide tell the model to add lots of image layouts.
Create 2 slides of cats with a range of image layouts

Sometimes you want to be able to show different blocks of text. The block layouts allow you to specify how many blocks that you require. These are horizontally aligned blocks with a specific number of areas with text. There are also placeholders for images.

3_BLOCK_LAYOUT: 3 blocks with test in them and images
3_BLOCK_LAYOUT_V2: another 3 block option with text and images
4_BLOCK_LAYOUT: A 4 block option with text and images
CHART_RIGHT: A chart layout with the chart on the right and text on the left
CHART_LEFT: A chart layout with the chart on the left and text on the right
FULLPAGE_CHART: A chart layout with a full page chart
Create 5 slides with 3 blocks that talk about project management


Smart Slides also has the ability to create charts. You can paste in the data and ask the model to create a slide with a chart in it. For example:

Create 5 slides about population growth in the US, use placeholder data based on your understanding of US population growth

You can also specify specific data that you want to render on the chart. For example you can try the following prompt.

Please create a bar chart slide with the following data: # of people per region North: 1, South: 2, East: 3. You can paste data from excel as well.

Although charts are useful, do not try and put significant amounts of data into the chart. If you paste a 1000 line excel file into the box it will probably not work. It is recommended to create simple charts then you can update the data directly in powerpoint with the correct values by editing the chart data.

Chart Types

There are currently 3 charts types that are available through Smart Slides.
- Bar Chart
- Line Chart
- Pie Chart
- Bar Column Chart

Example Layout Usage
Create two slides about cats using the HALF_IMAGE_LEFT and 23RD_IMAGE_RIGHT layouts, creating a visually engaging narrative about our feline friends.

Subscription questions

You can subscribe to Smart Slides by visiting the subscription portal here. You can upgrade to unlimited slides per month or just purchase a few extra. You can also cancel your membership in the subscription portal. Note we do not issue refunds for the month if you have subscribed and forgot to cancel but cancellation is effective as soon as you choose to downgrade your plan and you can use until the end of the month in which you have subscribed.
Subscription Portal


We’re Here for You

Encountering issues? A simple uninstall and reinstall of the plugin usually does the trick. But for those tricky, uncommon situations, our support team is ready and eager to assist. Reach out to us at, and let’s get you back on track to creating presentation magic!

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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